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CKids Gan Israel Florida is entering its fourth season of transforming the lives of the boys who attend its summer camp.

Jewish education is the essence of the Rebbe’s mission, and overnight camp is the essence of Jewish education. 

In the early 1950’s, the Rebbe established Gan Yisroel overnight camps to bring Jewish kids who did not have a Jewish education into the life and spirit of Yiddishlkeit.

There are many wonderful overnight camps for Jewish kids who do have a Jewish education. 

There are a small handful of camps that serve the needs of the kids who are not privileged to be growing up in observant homes and are in the public school educational system.

CKids Gan Israel Florida is entering its fourth season of transforming the lives of the boys who attend its summer camp.

Do you know of a boy in 4-8 grade who is in public school and would like to be at CKids Gan Israel Florida this summer? 

Please read these first-hand testimonials from four Shluchos and encourage your friends to register their son/s for this summer.

Mrs. Adler from Pinellas County, Florida, underscores the profound transformation children undergo at camp.

“The investment we make in these children is significant. What the camp accomplishes in two weeks could take five years or more to achieve elsewhere. The transformations I’ve witnessed have been nothing short of extraordinary.”

Mrs. Spalter from Costa Rica relayed the experiences of parents whose boys attended the camp last year. 

“Motty’s mother said he had an incredible time. He particularly loved the activities at the lake and the cocoa club, and the friendships he formed. The counselors’ energy and teaching had a profound impact on him. Parents appreciated the regular photos and updates about camp activities. 

Another mother echoed these sentiments, her son loved painting a challah cover and the interaction with children from different nationalities. 

These diverse and enriching activities encapsulate the camp’s spirit.”

Mrs. Rivkin from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, emphasizes the camp’s professionalism and Jewish values.

“CKids Gan Israel is a perfect extension after kids have outgrown our local day camp and Hebrew school. The directors are always available, ready to answer questions, provide personal attention, and maintain connections with both us, the Shluchim, and the parents. The immersive Jewish experience offered by the camp is unparalleled. The impact on our kids echoes long after the summer ends.”

Mrs. Pewzner from Bronx, New York, shares a moving story about a boy from her community. 

“Since returning from camp last year, he’s committed to putting on Tefillin every day and continues to wear a Yarmulka. At school, he wears a baseball cap, and he even encourages others to wear a Yarmulka during the week, going as far as to offer to pay for their caps. This lasting impression is a testament to the camp’s power.”

The stories shared by these four Shluchos offer a glimpse into the transformative power of CKids Gan Israel Florida Overnight Camp. Its influence extends beyond the stunning grounds, inspiring changes and growth that continue to ripple through these boys’ lives.

To learn more about CKids Gan Israel Florida, visit the camp website at 

For any questions, reach out to [email protected] or call (347) 446-0479. Consider suggesting this life-changing experience to a family you know. The growth and memories fostered at CKids Gan Israel are truly invaluable.

You can give a Jewish child a Jewish Summer with a gift to the camp scholarship fund at:

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