Girls Overnight Camps Announce Staff Hiring Dates

The directors of the 6 most prominent Chabad girls’ overnight camps have announced staff hiring dates for this year. “It is detrimental to our girls to start the hiring process early,” they said.

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The directors of the 6 most prominent Chabad girls overnight camps have announced staff hiring dates for this year.

The move follows their announcement last year, when they collectively agreed to postpone the hiring of staff for the upcoming summer to allow girls to focus on their school year.

“Thousands of girls attend overnight camps each year, with staff hired from high schools and seminaries across the globe. On an average year, the hiring process begins before Chanukah, and many girls begin making plans weeks before,” they said at the time.

“The school year has begun in earnest and the air is just emerging with winter frost. As many students are just beginning to navigate the academic and social complexities of the school year ahead, conversations of summer plans are somehow on the table, just weeks after the conclusion of the previous summer,” they wrote last year.

This year’s announcement was issued by Camp Chomeish, Camp Gan Yisroel Detroit, Camp Gan Yisroel Florida, Camp Gan Yisroel Toronto, Camp Gan Yisroel United and Camp Pardas Chanah.

“Based off the success of last year’s staff hiring, Lubavitch girls overnight camps are once again joining together to announce our dates for staff hiring,” they wrote to

The dates for this year are:
Counselors: Opens December 26 – 2 Teves
Head Staff: January 1 – 8 Teves

The directors noted that for seminary girls and high school students, planning the summer so early in the year often causes stress, peer pressure, and even broken friendships. It may create a hindrance to important learning and impede opportunities for growth during the year.

“We camp directors understand that inasmuch as we would love to have our staff hired as early as possible, it is detrimental for our girls. Our position in Chinuch, albeit different than schools, shares the same goal. We are here to care for our girls and strengthen their Yiddishkeit and Chassidishe Chinuch,” they wrote.

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  1. Wow!
    Can the same be done for the bochurim?
    The camp parsha is possibly an even bigger distraction by bochurim, and could really use such a fix.
    Not sure why the dates can’t Adar, like it was just a few years ago, when I was a staff.
    Kol Hakavod!

    1. Not a smart idea to start the hiring process early as the learning gets disrupted big time from when this start so NO it should not be like this by Boys Camp the later the better…

  2. These girls have barely had a chance to get settled in their seminary experiences. Any delay is helpful, but let’s be honest. A week before Chanukah, a week after Chanukah?

    There is no reason this needs to happen until Purim if all camps are on board. It’s very unfair to these girls to be distracted by this all year. If camp directors are going to keep doing this, there’s nothing anyone can do. But please don’t congratulate yourself for it.

  3. The people who think they are solving lubavitcher issues are the ones creating it.

    Things like this make a hype and causes disturbances from the school year.

    Giving different dates for different positions it’s illogical, staff like to go with friends who are counselors/head staff. What different does a few days make?

    The whole thing should be pushed off till purim time, like it was before these announcements began last year.

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