Girls Enjoy Exhilarating Week At the Chidon

Girls from around the world enjoyed an action-packed week at the Chidon in New York, the culmination of months of study and hard work.

N’shei Readers: Click here for a full gallery of the Chidon trip.

Over 1,000 girls participated in the Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos East Coast Regional Trip this week. Organized by Rabbi Shimmy and Mrs. Zelda Weinbaum and the Chidon team, the fun-filled trip and mega Hakhel celebration was a culmination for the girls of months of hard work, perseverance, and determination.

The day began with a beautiful davening in 770 led by Mrs. Blumi Mishulovin, Bnos Menachem base commander, followed by a chayusdike rally. 

The girls then made their way to Newark Symphony Hall for a grand Hakhel concert featuring Benny Friedman and Eli Marcus with music by the Choni Milecki band. The energy and chayus was electric as the girls sang and danced to the Chidon theme song. 

Representatives from each school were called to the stage to showcase their knowledge of the Mitzvos they learned through an exciting game show. The concert and game show were produced by Dovid Weinbaum of DW Productions and Chidon HQ Staff. Following the concert, the girls went bowling and enjoyed supper together with their divisions. 

The time spent on the buses was equally fun as the girls took the opportunity to say Chitas, farbreng, sing and make new friends. Arriving at American Dream Mall, base commanders and head counselors ran spontaneous Hakhel rallies in the rain before entering the water park – making a big Kiddush Lubavitch. The girls were thrilled to take over the water park and they were accompanied by music, singing and cheering. 

The day ended on a high with girls feeling energized and ready to go home “to start on the next book”! 

Watch the Chidon grand finale today, Sunday, at 1:45. Click here to join!

A special thank you to: 
Rabbi Shimmy and Mrs. Zelda Weinbaum
Levi, Mushky, Tzivi & Yankel Weinbaum
Mrs. Laya Slavin   
Rabbi Levi Hillel 
Off Site Directors & Logistics – Levi Parnas & Mendel Wolowik
Chidon HQ – Peretz Lazaroff, Naftoli Rapoport, Chaya Gutnick, Nechama Zukin, Rachel Vofchuk, Tziry Plotkin
Directors on Site – Bracha Naparstek, Bryna Horvitz, Mushky Levitansky, Yael Conway 
KHK Directors on Site – Mushky Weinbaum, Mrs. Sara Piekarski
KHK Head Runner- Chaya Mushka Lipskier
Food – Dovi Brickman, Levi Weinbaum
Photographer – Rebecca Howard
Safety Coordinators & EMT – Rabbi Zalmy Kudan, Hatzalah of New Jersey, Adina Goldfarb, Batsheva Goldreich

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