Girls Camps Unite in Learning With Project Elevate

This summer, 1300 campers from day camps and bungalow colonies across the tri-state area learned and took hachlatos in a special tznius initiative called Project Elevate.

This summer around 1300 campers from Mei Menuchas, Inner Circle, Upper Circle, Evergreen, Cozy Acres, Mountain Crest, Beis Rivka, Bnos Menachem, Beis Chaya Mushka, Ateres Chaya Mushka, Monsey day camps, Camp Chomesh, and Gan Yisroel United overnight camps joined Project Elevate and learned halachos and sichos of the Rebbe on tznius

The contest began with every camper writing a letter to the Rebbe sharing the hachlata in tznius they would take on for the next 11 days. Each camper got a poster to take home to share the project with her friends and family.

The next 11 days the girls learned about tznius from a booklet compiled with the Rebbe’s views and the words of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch. The girls who kept their hachlata and learned the 11 learning lessons got a free ice cream card to redeem at the ice cream truck or at Sweet Expressions.

Following the 11 days of learning, the girls brought home their booklets and reviewed all the learning. They then were tested on the material and any camper that got 80% or higher got into a raffle for gold earrings. The girls who shared with their family what they learned in camp got into a raffle for a gold necklace.

“It was so nice to hear my daughter learning in the summer time about tznius together with her classmates,” shared one grateful mother.

“My daughter was so excited to share what she learned at camp and it was so beautiful to see her reading the Rebbe’s words in Yiddish during supper time,” shares a second mother.

Another parent shared how she took the time to learn the booklet with their daughter before the test.

“I felt that it was a great way to bond with my daughter and the learning made me feel so lucky to have the mitzvah of tznius and gave me a desire to want to be more careful with the mitzvah and keep it with the highest standards- הידור מצוה.”

Before  the summer began they contacted a director running a camp requesting if they’d like to join, but didn’t receive a response. Three weeks later, a staff member who is working at that same camp, who B’Hashgacha Protis taught the curriculum at a day camp upstate the previous summer, messaged the director that she read a letter of the Rebbe which states that every day the girls didn’t get yet the book of halachos about tznius is a great loss. She asked her to please send the learning booklets as soon as possible for 200 campers.

“On the fifteenth of Tammuz,” shares the director, “I went with a taxi to a day camp to deliver materials for the learning project for over 300 campers. Later on she realized that someone whatsapped me a brocha about a tznius mivtzah. It was at 11:09 am that I met the Director at the camp office and at that same minute the brocha came. The person that whatsapped it to me had no idea what I was busy with. The brocha is in the ksav yad of the Rebbe and states:         

בברכת הצלחה במבצע צניעות ולבשו”ט בקרוב בזה 

and the Rebbe’s signature.

“B”H the Rebbe’s brocha was fulfilled and before we knew it we heard so much good news from Mei Menuchas, Bnos Menachem, Beis Rivka, more camps and parents how the girls took on hachlotos, are really excited about the mivtza and are enjoying to learn together about tznius.”

Shared by the shuir teacher at Bnos Menachem:

“Boruch Hashem the girls in Bnos Menachem learned about being proud to act and dress in a tzniusdike way. The girls took upon themselves hachlatas like making sure their elbows are covered, knees are always covered, and collarbone too. They learned how special it is to be a Bas Melech and how honorable it is to do what Hashem wants of us! In this zchus we should merit the coming of Moshiach Now!” 

Shared by the head counselor of Upper Circle:

“Baruch Hashem the girls in Gan Menachem Upper Circle have gained so much from the Project Elevate Curriculum. They learned about the importance of tznius in such a positive and joyful way. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!”

Shared by a head counselor:

“It was so impressive to see how many girls took the learning so seriously, girls brought it home to their families and shared it every day! It was definitely what the Rebbe wants, especially in the summer, when the Mitzvah of tznius is more of a challenge!”

This summer the campers received a towel as a gift with a tznius message. The towels are for the girls to use after they wash negel vaser near their bed. The tznius message with the logo of the Beis Hamikdash is there to remind them to get dressed tzniusdik, remain tznius throughout the day, and be ready every minute to greet the Rebbe at the Beis Hamikdash.”

To help contribute the costs of this wonderful initiaitive, you can PayPal [email protected] or Cash App 7182900916

A special thank you to Rabbi Laine for making sure that all the materials were printed correctly and for paying for the printing. May Hashem give him and his family ברכה והצלחה בכל מכל כל!

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