Geulah Initiative Launched in Memory of R’ Mendel Plotkin

Following the tremendous tragedy that befell the Toronto community, women organized a beautiful evening of achdus and chizzuk in memory of R’ Mendel Plotkin. A special Geulah learning initiative was announced in his memory.

Following the tremendous tragedy that befell the Toronto community, women organized a beautiful evening of Achdus and Chizzuk in memory of Rabbi Mendel Plotkin A”H. Over 350 women from all different communities joined together for this momentous occasion.

The event was MCed by Mrs. Malka Fridman, who is a close friend of the Wolosow family. A talented singer, she sang uplifting songs in between speakers, accompanied by the crowd.

The first speaker, Chavchie Czermak, is a neighbor of the Plotkins. She spoke about the amazing way they raised their children and the love and care shown to everyone. She recalled that during a tragedy that occured, Goldie went around, signing up children in the neighborhood for a letter in the Children’s Unity Sefer Torah. She hosted many Oneg Shabbos gatherings for the neighbors. And even now, the Plotkins are bringing everyone together.

Mrs. Mindi Mintz, the principal of Bais Yaakov, spoke about the power of Achdus. When we bentch the Chodesh every Shabbos Mevorchim, we say “Chaveirim Kol Yisroel,” all the Yidden together because Brachos come down when there’s unity and love. And how good it is for the Plotkins that they are the catalyst for such Achdus in the community!

Last to speak was Mrs. Aydla Vechter, a close friend of the family. She spoke about Rabbi Plotkin’s tremendous Chesed and Ahavas Yisroel. He was always willing to help anyone who needed it, and he did it with a geshmak. The day he went into cardiac arrest, he told over the Hayom Yom (a short daily thought) from Vov Adar, which says “It is a wondrous trait, when G‑d grants a person a warm sensitivity and a pleasurable satisfaction in doing a fellow Jew a favor”. This is the way that Rabbi Mendel Plotkin lived his life.

The Plotkins are all about Achdus and unity with such warmth for every Yid. On that note, we launched a global, world-wide initiative bringing women together to learn about the Geula. We know that learning about the Geula will bring the Geula, which we need now more than ever!

Join us for an amazing six session GPS course – Geula Power Shiurim!

To find a Shiur or to sign up as a host, go to, for all the resources and information you need. Hosting a block shiur is easy – there’s a handout to print out and you can go around the table reading it. Alternatively, you can set one person to “teach” the material.

Start this up in your city, in your neighborhood and let’s live with GPS the world over!

Be in the know and become a player in creating a global mindshift to the reality of the Geula!

Please sign up and share the word!

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