Gerrer Rebbe Makes Exception for Lubavitcher Bochurim

While vacationing in Tzfas, the Gerrer Rebbe generally does not allow visitors. He made an exception for two Chabad bochurim who were bringing a sefer by Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzky

By reporter

Two Lubavitcher bochurim, bearing copies of a new sefer by Oholei Torah rosh yeshiva Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzky, were welcomed by the Gerrer Rebbe and his sons.

The Gerrer Rebbe is currently vacationing in Tzfas, away from the Chassidus’ headquarters in Yerushalayim. Together with him are a number of his sons and a limited group of his chassidim.

Generally, the Gerrer Rebbe does not accept any visits during his Tzfas vacation. An exception was made for the two bochurim, Shmuli Butler and Yechiel Taubenblatt.

They gifted the Gerrer Rebbe with a copy of ‘Yemos Hamoshiach B’halacha’ volume 3, a newly published sefer by Rabbi Gerlitzky exploring topics on the subjects of Moshiach and Geulah through the lens of Halacha. The Gerrer Rebbe warmly accepted the sefer and offered a few words of bracha.

Butler and Taubenblatt also met Rabbi Nechamia Alter and Rabbi Dovid Alter, sons of the Gerrer Rebbe who are also in Tzfas, and gifted them as well with the sefer.

The two sons recognized Butler from the times he assisted them at JFK Airport, as part of his work at Chabad Air, headed by Rabbi Yossi Rap, and they gave him a warm shalom aleichem. They thanked him again for his help during their travels, and Butler gave them invitations to his upcoming wedding.

Pictured: The Gerrer Rebbe’s sons accepting the sefer.


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