Georgia Kinus Hashluchos Kicks Off Year of Connection

On Sunday, 28 Iyar, 30 shluchos gathered in Marietta, GA for an overnight kinus. After 24 hours of camaraderie and inspiration, the shluchos made a hachlata to connect regularly throughout the year.

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On Sunday, 28 Iyar, shluchos from all over Georgia gathered at the Hilton Hotel and Conference Center in Marietta, GA for an overnight kinus featuring guest speaker Mrs. Sara Morozow of 

The kinus, which began Sunday afternoon and continued into Monday, was organized by Chabad of Georgia, under the leadership of Head Shluchim Rabbi Yossi and Dassie New and generously sponsored by Mr. Ian and Mrs. Carol Ratner of Sandy Springs. 

Mrs. Sara Morozow flew from Crown Heights to address and farbreng with the group. Over the course of the kinus, the women shared thoughts and tips on topics of personal interest and their areas of expertise. Shluchos spoke about personal avodah, offered marketing tips, and shared stories of challenges in their shlichus and the unique solutions they found. 

The theme of the kinus was connection, and shluchos encouraged each other to connect through davening, writing to the Rebbe often, and being in touch with a mashpia. At the end of the kinus, the shluchos made a hachlata to keep the camaraderie and inspiration going with eight farbrengens during the year, the first of which has already taken place. 

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