General Sharon Kept This Rebbe Letter in His Pocket

Six-Day War general Ariel Sharon received unique attention from the Rebbe in lengthy yechidus, long letters, and private messages. But there was one letter that he kept in his jacket pocket and read it over and over again.

Ariel Sharon, the celebrated general of the Six-Day War, received unique attention from the Rebbe. In lengthy private audiences, long letters, and private messages, the Rebbe guided this secular-born Israeli sabra after his son tragically passed away, when he publicly laid tefillin at the Kosel, and throughout his military and political career.

There was, however, one letter in particular, dated 12 Elul 5728 (1968), that General Sharon would read over and over again. For many years he kept this letter in his jacket pocket.

In that letter the Rebbe lamented the attitude of the young country’s leadership, decrying “the government’s fear of what the world will say.”

The Rebbe wrote pointedly of a then hypothetical situation: “What if, for example, a fight breaks out between an Israeli boy and an Arab boy, and the Jew, who would presumably be outnumbered, gets beaten up or worse, chas v’shalom? On whose side would the Israeli military police stand, in your opinion?”

(Hiskashrus Issue 1192)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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