General Growth or Individual Care? We Say Both 

Every parent sends their child to school with a hope that their child to be appreciated and cared for. At Cheder Menachem of Kingston, PA, the goal is clear: To provide every child with a loving and individual oriented education.

Every parent sends their child to school with a hope and trust that their child will learn and gain knowledge, advancing as he goes up in grade. But what a parent desires more than all, is for their child to be appreciated and cared for.

The lessons he learns may teach a child information, but the care and support he receives, touches his very being. It’s the patience of his first grade rebbi as he lovingly points with every child, and the sincerity of her fourth grade morah as she stays late to talk things through. These little moments shape a child and their future. His character and values are learned from what he sees, and his confidence to grow comes from the belief his teacher has in him.

All these are ideals, the best of an education. Yet often, the size of a school or the growth of a class, comes in conflict with this being a reality. The rebbi now has less time to point with each student, and instead teaches to the class as a whole. The morah wants to show her care to each child, but the amount of students she has does not allow her realistically. Naturally, the bigger a school grows, the less attention it can give to individuals. 

Yet, it is the vision and focus a school has that can ensure that someway or another, whatever medium it will have to come through, every child will be cared for as individually special. 

In the past 3 years, Cheder Menachem Kingston has found itself ka”h growing in unprecedented measures. From a school of just 50 families, its growth has nearly doubled as that number rapidly reached 90! The community is b”h expanding, as more families find Kingston to be an affordable, chassidish and ideal place to live. Naturally, with growth in its population comes a growth in its school, Cheder Menachem. 

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Cheder Menachem saw it’s growth as a call for action, to heed to the needs of the community. They invested in a beautiful 60,000 sq foot building to house its growing student body, and adapted themselves to the sudden growth. 

One thing though, Cheder Menachem never let change. The school first opened with a goal of providing a loving and individual oriented education, and that is something that they hold strong to even now. Cheder Menachem is “POWERED BY CHILDREN”, their advancements and achievements in all areas are driven by the importance they see in each student. Every child is a world, every student is a vessel to learn and grow, each one the reason Cheder Menachem gives. 

Today, Cheder Menachem Kingston, PA is in the midst of it’s annual campaign. This year, its theme focuses on the power of children being the center of education, their needs being the schools priority. 

“POWERED BY CHILDREN” is 65% to its goal of raising $236,000 in just 36 hours! For just a few more hours, your every donation is DOUBLED by generous matchers. 

The power of affecting a child is in your hands, your time to act is now! Give generously and help us reach our goal.

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