Gathering to Mark First Yahrzeit of R’ Shneur Hirsch

Friends and family will gather Sunday night in Crown Heights to mark the first yahrzeit of R’ Shneur Hirsch, who was known for his kindness and chessed.

The Hirsh family and Bais Shneur invite friends and family to a gathering marking the first yahrzeit of R’ Shneur Hirsch, a noted baal chessed in Crown Heights.

The gathering will be held on Sunday evening, 27 Tishrei, October 3rd, at Ulam Chana, 556 Crown Street, starting at 7:30 PM. The event will be addressed by renowned lecturer Rabbi Shais Taub.

Shneur was vice president of the Modway furniture company through which he and his partners employed tens of Lubavitchers around the globe. He helped many families in need and others in a quiet fashion, acquiring for himself the name as a ba’al chessed and a ba’al tzedaka.

Friends recall his yiras shomayim and his quiet way of helping others with no fanfare, who saw his business as a shlichus to show people that you can be frum without compromise and still be successful in corporate America.

Men and women are invited. Refreshments will be served.


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