Fund To Support Family of Chabad Corona Victim

R’ Motti Chassin a”h, a young father of 5, tragically passed away after contracting COVID. His friends are raising funds to help support his family.

R’ Moti Chassin was born into a traditional family in Akko. He visited the local Chabad House one evening and was immediately won over by the liveliness and joy and the complete, selfless obligation to Torah and Mitzvos.

He went to the Chabad yeshiva in Tzfas and then continued on to the Chabad Yeshiva in Ramat Aviv. He dedicated his life to the Rebbe’s cause, and did so with chayus and simcha, his eternal optimism influencing everyone around him.

He met and married his wife Tova and together they moved to Haifa for a while, later settling down in the Chabad community in Be’er Sheva.

Moti had a place in everyone’s heart, with a smile and a few good words he’d never fail to remind us of our ultimate goal: “to bring Moshiach now!”

He was a devoted father and an amazing husband. His friends remember his good nature and ahavas yisroel, never speaking ill of anyone.

A few weeks ago Moti contracted COVID-19 and his condition deteriorated rapidly. Last week, this healthy, young father of five, succumbed to the virus and returned his pure soul to its maker.

Constantly awaiting the imminent arrival of Moshiach, there’s no doubt that he is in heaven now, begging and demanding that Hashem send us Moshiach.

It is now our obligation to make sure that his wife and 5 young children are not left wanting,

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