Fund Established for Family of R’ Mordchai Samotin

A fund was established to help support the family of R‘ Mordchai Samotin, who passed away suddenly yesterday leaving mounting debt.

R‘ Mordchai Samotin a”h passed away suddenly on Sunday, 5 Adar, and his family is left with no choice but to ask for urgent help for the family. 

It started with the flu and it turned into a severe case of pneumonia that attacked his liver and heart. He was also anemic and they found bacteria in his blood. The doctors tried everything but unfortunately, it was too late.

This sudden death left the family in shock and unprepared for all the costs. A fund has been established to support his wife and children.

Click here to Donate. Every donation makes a difference.

NOTE: All funeral and burial expenses for tomorrow have been donated. The rest of the money will be transferred to the expenses of the Shiva and the Matzeva.

Your donation will be tax deductible.

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