Fund Created for the Family of Mrs. Shevy Piekarski

Throughout her life, Mrs. Shevy Piekarski always went beyond the call of duty for others. After her tragic passing at the age of 46, a fund was created to support her husband and children.

This past Tuesday, the fifteenth Sivan, our dear sister and friend, Mrs. Shevy Piekarski a”h returned her holy neshama to Hashem, when she was taken from us after battling a terrible illness, at the young age of 46.

Shevy was always there for anyone when they needed her, she was a devoted mother and a dedicated Shlucha.

Shevy’s husband Rabbi Chanoch Piekarski and her 7 precious children Mendel 24, Chaim 23, Chana 20, Sheina 17, Yossi 15, Shua 11 and Peretz 5) need us now. At the direction of esteemed Lubavitch Rabbonim, a fund has been established to help cover the personal financial needs of the family, both during this difficult time, as well as for their future.

We ask that you open your heart and give generously at, and may we share only good news and Simchas.

Throughout her life, Shevy always went beyond the call of duty. She made the chinuch of her children her utmost priority and never compromised on lower standards.

People would constantly seek her honest and caring advice for the most personal matters.

Shevy made it her mission to teach young kallahs the laws of taharas hamishpacha and helped them keep it properly. Despite her illness, she continued to nourish her family and community physically and spiritually.

She will forever be cherished and missed by those who had the privilege of knowing her.

Endorsed by the following Rabbis:

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky
Rabbi Yehoshua Binyomin Rosenfeld (From Bogota Columbia)
Rabbi Bentzion (Benjy) Stock

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