Fun-Filled Magazine Takes Kids on a Journey Through Pesach

Alongside giving out shmura matzah and planning public sedarim, a new publication by CKids ensures that the youngest and most important community members are kept in the loop. 

Is Pesach just a 3,000-year-old history tale? Or is it something that happens every day? A new magazine published by CKids for Hebrew Schools and Chabad Houses all over the world takes kids on a relevant and meaningful journey through Pesach.

“We’re drawing kids into the incredible message of Pesach,” says Rabbi Loewenthal, CKids director. “But we’re doing it through recipes, puzzles, and pictures—so it’s one hundred percent fun and exciting for a kid to open up and read.”

The full-color, 20-page magazine developed by Ms. Risa Mond includes a full review of the Pesach story along with all the details of major Pesach mitzvos—in a fun-filled gamified version, of course. “We had so much fun brainstorming this issue,” Risa says, “Pesach itself is full of hands-on mitzvos that bring history to life.” 

Flipping through the magazine, you might see an arcade-themed maze through a Pesach shopping list, a creative recipe that highlights the difference between chametz and non-chametz, and fun facts about matzah baking (Did you know that a matzah oven is as hot as burning lava?)

The monthly magazine was created by the CKids team at Merkos 302 in response to an overwhelming demand from shluchim for engaging material for kids.  “When it comes to creating content for kids, we can’t just go with another brochure,” says Shlucha Mrs. Chani Minkowitz from Sharon, MA. “The final product really has to be designed with our kids in mind.”

Besides its Pesach content, the CKids magazine also connects kids at Hebrew Schools and Chabad Houses worldwide by showcasing Jewish kids from all over the world. The magazine is also fully customizable to bring the inspiration home, enabling each shliach to uniquely engage their own community, featuring local kids on the cover or advertise an upcoming event.

 “The combined effect of seeing Jewish kids from around the world, as well as their own local friends featured, creates a unique feeling in a child,” explains Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302. “They can see how they are part of something global yet personal.”

Click here to read the magazine.

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