Full Schedule of Programs for Bochurim Over Yud Shvat

As Yeshivos flock once again to New York to spend the auspicious day of Yud Shevat with the Rebbe, the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim has announced a full schedule of programs and farbrengens for visiting bochurim.

As Yeshivos flock once again to New York to spend the auspicious day of Yud Shevat with the Rebbe, the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim has announced their schedule for Yud and Yud Alef Shevat.

Wednesday, Yud Shevat:

Iberleben Panel & Kinus Hatmimim

After spending their morning learning and visiting the Rebbe’s Ohel, Bochurim are invited to join a special panel reliving the Rebbe’s Farbrengens throughout the years with featured panelists: Reb Betzalel Rotter, Reb Aharon Blesofksy, Rabbi Sholom Duchman, Rabbi Yossi Lew, and Rabbi Mendel Feller. The panel will be held in the Lubavitcher Yeshivah Hall at 4:00 PM.

The panel is sponsored
לע״נ התמים שמואל ע״ה בן יבלחט״א הרה״ת אשר שי׳ קרנובסקי

Following the panel at 8:30 PM the 18th annual international Kinus Hatmimim will take place at Rosa Hall in Beis Rivka Lefferts Ave.

The program will go through the Farbrengen of Yud Shevat 5733, which yeshivos around the world learned in preparation for Yud Shevat. Each topic of the Farbrengen will be addressed by a Mashpia who will explain the Sicha and its relevance to each Bochur.

The Mashpi’im include: Rabbi Leibel Schapiro, Rabbi Amram Farkash, Rabbi Chanoch Bistritzky and Rabbi Zalman Gopin.

In addition, a special video tribute to Rabbi Yoel Kahn will be played, as well as a video presentation from JEM.

During the Kinus a global initiative in all the yeshivos in preparation for Yud Alef Nissan – 120 years will be announced.

The Kinus Hatmimim is sponsored by Reb Yossi Kazarnovsky L’iluy Nishmas his parents Reb Moshe and Golda Liba A”H; and by Reb Yoseph Yitzchak Popack L’iluy Nishmas his parents Reb Shmuel Aizik and Miriam A”H.

Thursday, Yud Alef Shevat:

Halikut Siyum & Banquet 

Taking place at the beautiful Chabad House of Great Neck, NY, the 300 Halikut finalists will convene for a grand test on Likkutei Sichos Chelek Chof.

Following the test the Bochurim who scored the highest mark on the test will then compete on stage, tested by Chozrim. The Siyum and Seudah will then take place in the presence of distinguished Rabonim and Mashpiim.

Mivtza Halikut is sponsored by Keren Ohr Chana – France; Keren Meromim; Yossi & Nechama Dina Katz; Sholom & Esther Laine; The Dornbusch family – לע”נ עזריאל צבי בן מרדכי ע”ה

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