Full Collection of Rebbe’s ‘Maanos’ to be Completed for 11 Nissan

The popular set of “Likkut Maanos Kodesh”, which collects all the Rebbe’s handwritten answers by the years, and of which 20 volumes have already been published, will be completed just in time for the Rebbe’s 120th birthday.

The popular set “Likkut Maanos Kodesh”, collecting all the Rebbe’s handwritten answers by the years, will be completed just in time for the Rebbe’s 120th birthday this coming Yud Alef Nissan.

The project, which started just under 3 years ago on Yud Shvat Shnas Hashivim, has already published 30 years of “Maanos” in 20 volumes, amounting to over 7,000 “Maanos”.

With the Rebbe’s milestone 120th birthday rapidly approaching, the “Likkut Maanos” team is excited to announce that they plan to have remaining years of the set to be completed in time for Yud Alef Nissan.

The Team at “Likkut Maanos” is now turning to the public with a request that anyone who has answers from the Rebbe, no matter year, topic or even just a few words, to please send them in for the benefit of Anash around the world.

The “Maanos” can be sent to: [email protected]

In honor of Hei Teves, the set was made available for purchase in Eretz Yisroel for the first time, with over 200 sets being sold.

The PDFs are regularly available online, as well as available for purchase in the US.

To read the Likkut Maanos:

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