Fuel the Momentum for Over 200 Students at Kingston Cheder

In the past year alone, Cheder Menachem of Kingston, PA has added two new classrooms with plans to add another three new classes this coming school year. Please help fuel their incredible growth.

Today, Daled Adar, Cheder Menachem of Kingston, PA will raise $150K to fuel its incredible momentum and growth over the past few years. To learn more about the campaign, please visit Charidy.com/kingston.

In the past year amidst Covid, the cheder added an additional two new classrooms with two-three new classes to be added this coming school year Bez”h. The pandemic has caused families to relocate out of the city, and Kingston has been a destination for those looking for a quiet, yet vibrant, community to put down roots. 

During these times of ever-changing conditions, the cheder has been a source of stability for parents and their children―doing everything possible to meet the demands of these unique times, while keeping up with the rapid growth of this wonderful school and community. The school also welcomed a new principal, Rabbi Yoel Chazan, and added a new administration office.

“The cheder is really alive with warmth and chasidishkeit,” shares Chaya, a parent in school. “You can really feel the care each teacher has for the students. I’m so happy my children are learning in a place that inspires such a love for chasidus.”

Educating our children to love and live chasidus is essential to our future on a personal and communal level. The greatest facilitator toward spiritual growth is education. The chayus each teacher brings to the classroom is just as important as the curricula they teach. It is vital that we stand together as a community and help schools continue to educate the further leaders of the next generation.

But to meet these needs and keep tuition affordable for its over 60 families, the school relies on the generous contribution of supporters like you, which is why this campaign is especially important during this time. 

To help Cheder Menachem of Kingston continue its momentous growth and expansion for the future please give at Charidy.com/kingston. For only 36 hours every donation will be matched to increase the value of your contribution in a child’s future.

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