Bochur Attacked in Unprovoked Assault in Crown Heights

A bochur who was walking down the street in Crown Heights was assaulted in an unprovoked attack. Shomrim apprehended the attacker in a matter of minutes.

A young Lubavitcher was assaulted in an unprovoked attack in Crown Heights on Tuesday.

The young bochur was walking casually when the assailant headed in his direction and kicked him for no reason.

The bochur called for help right away and made sure to teach one more person that this behavior is appalling and will not be stood for.

As the gall of the local Crown Heights thugs rises, young men are emboldened to attack innocent Jewish people who are peacefully walking around the streets. When these incidents are reported immediately, Shomrim is able to respond and apprehend the perpetrators.

Please call if you see or experience any unprovoked assaults. The more the community responds to these brazen acts of disrespect and violence, the quicker they can be stopped.

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