Chabad’s Daily Gemara Program Predated Daf Yomi

A directive by the Frierdiker Rebbe and recorded in Sefer Haminhagim for chassidim to study an amud of Gemara each day is being made accessible for anash in an organized program and available on

Starting from this Yud Shevat, will be hosting the ‘Amud Yomi L’Anash’ Gemara program and the daily Shiurim for the benefit of the growing number of participants in this important learning program.

“Many know that the Rebbe included a minhag in Sefer Haminhagim to learn an Amud of Gemara each day,” organizers shared with “This was a directive given by the Frierdiker Rebbe from before the Daf Yomi program. Yet, maintaining this commitment on one’s own can be challenging.”

Amud Yomi L’Anash was established in conjunction with the Lubavitch Kolel in London and was enthusiastically welcomed and encouraged by Rabonim and Mashpiim in Lubavitch communities worldwide.  The goal is to both promote this directive of the Frierdiker Rebbe and minhag Chabad, and to provide a structure for keeping it.

The program covers an amud a day from Sunday to Thursday, while offering daily shiurim and a WhatsApp group to discuss the material learned. Shiurim in English are delivered by mashpia Rabbi Berl Korf of Manchester.

To download the English schedule, click here.

To join the English WhatsApp group, click here.

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Rabbi Gedalia Lieberman, Rov of Anash in Golders Green, Maggid Shiur in Yeshiva Gedola, and Menahel of the Lubavitch schools in London speaks about the program.

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  1. Either way, this whole discussion is slightly irrelevant because this not one of the horaos similar to שיעורים הקבועים השווים לכל נפשה
    And is more בתור הרגש

    1. You’re right that it’s not the same as Chitas which is shaveh l’chol nefesh, but you can’t call it a hergesh if it’s printed in Sefer Haminhagim!

  2. I’m not sure why this is being compared to daf yomi. They are two totally different concepts.
    Daf yomi in a learning cycle done together with everyone learning the same daf, whereas the Frierdike Rebbe’s horaah is to each individual to learn any amud he chooses.
    Also the Frierdike Rebbe was not supportive of daf yomi , one reason being because it might be according to everyone’s learning seder (see sichas parshas shlach 5748, not in the regular hanocho). It is therefore probable that the Frierdiker Rebbe intended this as a minimum, not as a fixed amount etc. The way this horaah is being presented by the organizers is what gives it a “daf yomi” similarity.

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