Friendship Circle Volunteers “Say Cheese” At Orientation Event

Friendship Circle of Brooklyn kicked off the year with a grand “Say Cheese!” themed volunteer orientation event for their girls’ division, where volunteers were treated to beautifully arranged dairy refreshment packages and heard from Friendship Circle parents.

Friendship Circle of Brooklyn kicked off the year with a grand Volunteer Orientation for their girls’ division.

At the “Say Cheese!” themed event, the volunteers were treated to dairy refreshment packages beautifully arranged with individual cheese boards and drinks.

After taking a moment to catch up with their peers, the volunteers heard from Friendship Circle parents Mrs. Tanya Rogalsky and Mrs. Fruma Gajer (in a panel moderated by Rochel Karp) all about the crucial role the volunteers play in the Friends at Home program. They imparted some helpful tips before the girls go out on their first visit. Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Hodakov, addressed the crowd on the importance of responsibility, communication and safety, before showing a moving clip, “That Annoying Kid.”

Mrs. Chani Majesky, director of the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn, thanked the volunteers for dedicating their precious time to the Friendship Circle and making a difference in the community. The School Presidents, who had been working hard in the weeks leading up to the event, were introduced to a round of applause.

The energy in the room was palpable that evening. The feedback that has been coming in following the first week of visits from volunteers, volunteers’ parents, and FC parents alike are a true testament to the incredible impact these visits have on everyone involved.

N’Shei Readers: Click here for a full gallery of the beautiful event.

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