Friendship Circle Hosts Motzei Shabbos Hakhel

Friendship Circle of Brooklyn held a Hakhel for the families of special needs children in the community. “We came because we knew our child and our family belong,” one mother wrote.

By a Friendship Circle mother

I walked into a room filled with families that have a child with special needs. I looked around and wondered to myself: “Why did all these people show up? We all know that keeping young kids up late usually means a hard morning the next day. So why did everyone come out on this cold Motzei Shabbos?”

I glanced around the room and saw the smiling faces, the looks of relief that the parents were expressing, the strain that people were carrying on their shoulders seemed to lower and joy moved in. Which parent doesn’t bask in the enjoyment that their child is experiencing?

Everyone that was there, came because they knew that they would be welcomed; that their child and their family belongs; that the environment would be warm and friendly. They came because Friendship Circle made it easy for them to enjoy this moment in life. To have fun without figuring out too many details or making any major decisions. They handed this fun night out to us on a silver platter. 

We all came because we wanted to be there.

Thank you Berel and Chani Majesky, Rochel Karp and the entire FC team on another event to remember! We cherish these moments with our families.

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