Friends and Admirers to Speak at Shloshim Event

Tonight at 8:00 PM: Friends and admirers of Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky will speak at his Shloshim event, including Rabbi Berel Lazar, Mr. George Rohr, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Kantor, Rabbi YY Jacobson, Ambassador David Friedman, and Rabbi Efraim Mintz.

An uplifting evening marking the Shloshim of Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky OBM, will take place tonight at Rosa Hall – Campus Chamesh. The event will feature guest speakers and moving presentations celebrating the inspiring life of the Rebbe’s global Shliach. All are invited to join.

The program will include presentations by Shluchim, family, friends, and renowned Jewish leaders, including Rabbi Berel Lazar, Mr. George Rohr, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Kantor, Rabbi YY Jacobson, Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Ambassador David Friedman, and Rabbi Efraim Mintz. They will discuss Rabbi Kotlarsky’s life dedicated to the Shlichus entrusted to him by the Rebbe and the tremendous support he was to Shluchim worldwide.

Meaningful presentations will highlight lessons from his public initiatives, stories of his lesser-known acts of dedication, and tremendous care for the Rebbe’s Shluchim and Jews worldwide. Shluchim and colleagues will recall Rabbi Kotlarsky’s extensive travels at the Rebbe’s behest to expand the world of shlichus, drawing inspiration from his unwavering commitment as a Chossid of the Rebbe.

The event, taking place days before Gimmel Tammuz Shloshim Shana, will focus on lessons of hiskashrus from Rabbi Kotlarsky’s dedication to fulfilling the Rebbe’s mission and bringing the Rebbe Nachas. The evening will culminate with a Chassidishe Farbrengen led by Shluchim and Mashpiim.

Date: Sunday, Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, July 7, at Rosa Hall (470 Lefferts Ave). 

Men and women are invited. 

Doors open at 7:30 PM, and the program begins at 8:00 PM, followed by a Chassidishe Farbrengen with Shluchim and Mashpiim. 

The event is in-person; however, if you cannot attend, please watch the live stream at:


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