Free Street Fair to Take Place in Crown Heights

All Crown Heights children are invited to take part in a free street fair celebrating the inauguration of the Baderech Kids’ Summer Library Truck. Games, bounce houses, popcorn, cotton candy and much more!

The short period between school and camp is always hectic.

Whether you are preparing to move your family upstate, packing your children for camp, or just trying to entertain your little ones, the days feel long and the cries of “I’m bored” seem to be coming at you from every direction.

School’s out on Wednesday, but don’t worry you already have plans for Thursday.

This Thursday, all children are invited to attend the FREE street fair replete with bounce houses, games, cotton candy, exciting raffles and much more! That’s an entire afternoon of thrilling fun for all ages…and you are guaranteed not to hear a single “I’m bored” throughout the entire afternoon!

The Grand Street Fair will be taking place on Thursday, 28th Sivan from 12:30 – 3:00 PM in celebration of the inauguration of the Baderech Kids’ Summer Library Truck.

The Kids Library Truck is filled to the brim with Jewish literature for all ages and will be traveling around Crown Heights and throughout upstate New York for the duration of the summer. The truck will make stops at many different camps and bungalow colonies inviting children of all ages and backgrounds to peruse its shelves and find a book, or two, to enjoy!

The Kids Library Truck is a project of Machon Or HaChasidus and an extension of their incredibly popular Chasidus Mobile that has sold thousands of Sifrei Chasidus to individuals from frum communities throughout the tri-state area.

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