New Curriculum Teaches Iskafya and Self Discipline

A groundbreaking project, created by Igud Yeshivos Lubavitch in partnership with Merkos Suite 302, provides a revolutionary curriculum and framework for avodas Hashem.

A groundbreaking project, created by Igud Yeshivos Lubavitch in partnership with Merkos Suite 302 provides a revolutionary framework for Bochurim’s personal growth.

The framework is being developed by world-renowned, experienced Mashpi’im and consists of a collection of the key Ma’amorim of each topic in ‘Avoda’ in an easily referenced indexed and highlighted collection so Bochurim and their Mashpi’im can easily find guidance in areas they seek to improve. 

In addition, the Mashpi’im have developed a suggested framework for teaching each subject which alternates between prepared Shiurim, Farbrengens, and most importantly: one-one guidance. 

Explaining the concept of this overdue project, Rabbi Mendel Itzinger, head of Igud Yeshivos explains: 

Experienced teachers know what mothers know intrinsically, that often the question: “Why should I?”, Is not a literal one. 

That is not to say it is not deserving of an answer – it very much is. And must be answered. 

But often the question really references a question of motivation. 

Every Bochur knows of the ideal of Davening Ba’avoda. But no one would expect a Bochur to develop the skills they need for it on their own. 

Imagine if instead of spending years teaching boys how to learn Gemara, step by small step, we instead, on the first day of 5th grade, put boys in Zal, and told them to open their Gemara and figure it out on their own…. It would be impossible. 

Personal Midos and all areas of Avodas Hashem are no different. 

Developing ourselves is a constant combination of understanding “Why” and – just as important – “How”. 

This is true in business, health, and personal Midos. 

This structure, provides Mashpi’im with all the support they need in guiding their Bochurim in “how” and providing ‘Hadrocha’ in all the challenges a Bochur could face whilst developing a ‘Mida’, as well as the framework to teach the “why, how and what” step-by-step, was piloted these past few weeks in ten Mesivtos.

“I cannot express enough the appreciation we all have to Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, the whole team at Merkos Suite 302, and Machon Nossan.  This incredible, and long overdue initiative has only happened due to their foresight”. 

The next topic will be IYH be released during Sefiras Ha’omer.

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