Four Classes on One Footnote in Likkutei Sichos

A new series of shiurim by Rabbi Binyomin Bitton of the Tzfunot Institute analyzes how one footnote in Likkutei Sichos serves as a yesod throughout the entire Shas.

With the aim of making in-depth Torah study accessible, engaging, relevant and geshmak to all, the Tzfunot Institute, headed by Rabbi Binyomin Bitton, recently launched a new podcast series on a wide range of topics, focusing particularly on Talmud, the Rogatchover and the Rebbe’s Torah.

The podcast which is available on most major podcast platforms, currently includes over 50 episodes in English, Hebrew and French.

The most recent series of shiurim explores the Rebbe’s sicha on the ‘leshitasei’ of Rav and Shmuel (Likkutei Sichos 16, Shemos I).

In particular, the shiurim analyze and decipher one footnote of the sicha, revealing how the Rebbe’s chiddush about the unified theory of Rav and Shmuel, whether the accurate translation of the pasuk overrides the general meaning or vice versa, evolves from two fundamental Talmudic mindsets, and as a result, runs through dozens of arguments of Rav and Shmuel throughout Shas.

To listen to the series, please click here:

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  1. These shiurim are one of a kind. Something which was lacking on the online universe.
    May we bez”H see many more such shiurim.

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