Forty Chabad Couples Are Waiting to Hug Their Child

In the last year, Bonei Olam Chabad helped many couples through medical treatment which resulted in 19 babies being born. Now they are running a $1 Million campaign to help 40 Chabad couples going through fertility treatments. 

If you’re a parent already, there are moments when perhaps you take the blessing of children for granted. Wishing they’d just sleep in Shabbos morning, or at least sleep through the night.

Meanwhile, some couples are up at night Davening that this round of treatment should finally be successful, and they should be able to finally have the baby they’ve been wishing for.

Bonei Olam Chabad is on the front lines with those couples, helping navigate the treatment as well as provide the funding which would make those dreams impossible.

Now we turn to you, the community, to help us help them. Together we can provide assistance to 40 couples in our own community currently waiting.

Please click here to donate today.

Bonei Olam Chabad Year in Review:

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