Former Dnieper Mesivta Opens Registration for American Bochurim

The former Dnieper Mesivta, stationed in Dusseldorf, Germany, is known for its high standard of learning and upbeat environment. Now, they are accepting additional American bochurim for this coming year.

After completing several months in Duesseldorf, Germany, the former Dnieper Mesivta has opened registration for next year. With plans to remain in Duesseldorf for now, arrangements have been put in place to provide all the needs of the talmidim. The local government has sponsored a sprawling campus for the use of the yeshiva for the duration of their stay in a former assisted living facility.

Several American talmidim are currently enrolled, and there is space for a few additional ones, provided they understand Hebrew.

The yeshiva is an excellent option for gifted bochurim seeking a higher standard of learning than most American Mesivtas. The small class size, upbeat environment, and the fact that part of the day is arranged according to individualized expectations contribute to the success. As an example, seder girsa is divided by levels, the fastest group learning 6 dapim of Gemara per week, whereas a shiur and several slower options are available.

The personal attention of the hanhala ensure that every talmid feels cared for. This in turn creates a Chassidishe atmosphere, which allows for aspects of yiras shomayim to be treated as givens.

The yeshiva is supported in part by generous sponsors, resulting in substantially lower tuition than US yeshivas. 

One of the American parents had this to say:

“My son benefits from the personal attention and saw tremendous growth in learning. More importantly, he’s actually enjoying the learning and farbrenging. I think the yeshiva is ideal for an American bochur who’s looking for a more advanced and rigorous level of learning than American mesivtas.”

For more information or to apply, contact Rabbi Eli Chefer at +380-93-229-4831.

Contact information to speak to any of the satisfied American parents can be obtained from Rabbi Chefer.

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