For Some Campers, This Was Their First Shabbos

120 campers hailing from 22 different states and 8 countries enjoyed an incredible first week at Camp L’man Achai. A number of them had never experienced a real Shabbos before.

120 campers hailing from 22 different states and 8 countries enjoyed an incredible first week at Camp L’man Achai.

After the campers settled in with icebreakers, they got right into the excitement of camp. The first day of camp started with sports, leagues and fishing. The next day, they went on a hike through our beautiful forest and got to view the gorgeous reservoir and surrounding mountains. Towards the evening they enjoyed a barbecue supper and bonfire. The campers and counselors spent time farbrenging with smores, stories, and lots of songs.

On Friday each camper got to bake their very own challa for Shabbos, which is always a highlight for the campers.

The Shabbos experience in camp is electrifying. There are specialized programs to give the campers, some of who have never experienced Shabbos before, a meaningful and enjoyable experience. The singing and dancing at the Shabbos meals is something every camper talks about and remembers after camp.
At the conclusion of Shabbos, after Havdala and showers, we were treated to an incredible fireworks show.

Sunday evening, after a full day of sports, swimming, kayaking and the great outdoors, the campers gathered in our gym for a fantastic ventriloquist show by Yisroel Silverstein. The show ended off with a surprising twist in which the campers were informed that the next morning they would be going to Six Flags!

Going to Six Flags was another opportunity for the campers to display being a proud Jew in public. With the encouragement of the staff many of the kids had the first opportunity of stopping people at the amusement park and asking them if they were Jewish, and then offering to put on tefillin.

But Camp L’man Achai isn’t just about fun. Campers participate in leveled learning classes. Ranging from the Aleph Beis for beginners, to Gemara for those with more advanced background, at camp every camper has the opportunity to learn and grow.

After just one week at camp, the campers are grateful that they still have five weeks of amazing fun to go.

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