For Moshe, Graduation Was the End of a Unique Journey

Thirteen years ago, Crown Heights watched in horror as an innocent baby was ravaged by a rare infection; today the community looked on with pride as he graduated eighth grade with the rest of his class.

By reporter

Moshe Sasonkin was born a beautiful healthy baby boy. When he was just seven months old he contracted a rare infection that resulted in multiple amputations of his hands and feet. Despite the many challenges he faced on the daily, Moshe grew to be a successful, happy, and very regular Oholei Torah boy. Today, he graduated eighth grade with his class, as his parents and the whole community proudly cheered him on.

His mother Dina Sasonkin recalls bringing him to preschool when he was just two and a half years old. Like all mothers, she was concerned for her son how he would fit in, and how he would manage in school. Unlike all mothers though, she had additional reasons for concern: would the young toddlers in Moshe’s class play with him and accept him as part of the group with the way he looked?

Boruch Hashem, her concerns were needless, as Moshe quickly became a beloved member of his class and a cherished part of Oholei Torah. For the past twelve years, Moshe was a steady fixture on the yeshiva scene. He played basketball with his class, joined in all the lessons and partook in every school activity.

“His classmates were amazing!” His mother warmly shares. “They are sensitive to his needs and are there to help when necessary, but most importantly, they are great friends to him and treat him as such.”

Mrs. Sasonkin laughs that she only realizes something is different with her son when she leaves the community with Moshe in tow.

“Once, when I was running some errands in a frum supermarket out of Crown Heights, I kept getting looks from people and I was so confused until I realized it was because they were looking at Moshe! I’m so used to him being in Crown Heights and no one making a fuss. It’s such a wonderful community!”

Today was a huge milestone in his Yeshiva life. His family would like to thank all of his teachers and classmates for being such wonderful role models and friends.

We wish him much hatzlacha in his future and bentch his parents to have continuous nachas from him!

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  1. As a parent of a classmate of Moshe, he has an amazing demeanor and personality. The boys never saw his disability as a challenge but rather included him in everything! This was an amazing class of boys! Wishing them all a Happy & Healthy summer

  2. Mazel tov to Moishe and his parents for a job well done. May Gd always protect you and guide you on paths of peace and righteousness. You are all brave and exemplary.
    Batsheva and Michael

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