Kfar Chabad Cheder Begins with Areinfirenish

By Anash.org reporter

Tens of precious upsherenish yingelach were treated to a very special areinfirenish yesterday, Tuesday, at the Cheder Oholei Torah in Kfar Chabad. Their first day of cheder was combined with the special ceremony for three-year-olds, as is the custom in Cheder Oholei Torah. The two veteran melamdim, Reb Mordechai Fishman and Reb Shlomo Greenfeld conducted the areinfirenishen.

The children were were treated to the letters of the Alef-Beis sweetened with honey, and as is customary, is licked off the shaar blatt (cover page) of a Tanya. Meanwhile, the “malochim” stood nearby and threw candies to the kinderlach as treats for their good behavior, as well as to show them how sweet the Torah is.

After reading the letters the kinderlach in the cheder read the letters from the cake and eggs that are inscribed with the special pesukim. Each child then received a special gift from the melamed. Long-time Menahel Reb Ben-Zion Vishedski, and Director Reb Shlomo Vishedski were on hand to greet the fathers and sons.

Those visiting the cheder were able to get a first-hand glimpse at the expansion of the cheder, with a beautiful new building going up for the school that will house, iyh, hundreds of chassidishe kinderlach.

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