Food Shopping Turns Nightmarish for Families Crushed by Inflation

With living costs continuing to rise, some Crown Heights families are struggling to pay for their yom tov needs. This organization has found a way to help. 

Shaina* has always enjoyed grocery shopping on a budget. A resourceful woman, she thrives on the challenge of finding creative recipes that will satiate her family without breaking the bank, and hunting through the sale aisles for more ways to save. 

Lately, however, food shopping leaves Shaina with a headache; it has become a series of complicated calculations as she figures out which items she needs to cut out to account for those little price stickers that are going up faster than she can keep track of. Now, with Rosh Hashanah quickly approaching, every trip to the grocery store sends her into a dizzying panic. Utilities have gone up, and the food budget is shrinking, but prices are heading in the other direction. With a large family to feed and so many meals to cook, how is this going to work? 

With living costs up by over 10% in much of the country, most Americans are feeling the uncomfortable pinch of inflation. For a family that was already struggling to make ends meet, however, the results can be devastating. 

“Over the past year, there have been times when I could not afford to purchase more than a day or two’s worth of groceries at once,” a Keren Anash recipient confided. “Lately, I find myself returning basic items to the shelves as I realize that the money in my account isn’t going to cover even my bare-bones shopping list.” 

This is where Keren Anash comes in. As yom tov draws nearer, we are determined to make sure that every family in Crown Heights can fill their tables and celebrate with dignity. But we can’t do it alone – the recipients of these yom tov checks are relying on you to come through! 

Donate today to ease the pre-yom tov anxieties of a family grappling with inflation. Your donation can make all the difference!

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