Floral Heart of Healing Filled With Flowers by Crown Heights Women

Bikur Cholim Crown Heights invites all women to unite in support of healing by adding a flower to a floral installation located on the corner of Crown and Kingston. The floral instillation will be out until Friday when it will be relocated for the upcoming BCCH Breakfast

Lag Baomer is a special day of unity, Ahavas Yisroel, and healing. During this Hakhel year, the power of unity is amplified, providing an extraordinary opportunity to tap into its essence. 

Bikur Cholim Crown Heights (BCCH) invites all women to unite in support of healing.

As part of their highly anticipated annual breakfast, scheduled for this Sunday, May 14th, BCCH has collaborated with the innovative Mimulo creative team to bring this year’s symbolic theme to life.

Yesterday, the Mimulo Creative Team, in partnership with BCCH, invited all women to the corner of Crown and Kingston to add their flowers to the Hakhel heart of healing. This exquisite floral installation is still awaiting your participation. Your flower is there for you. Be a part of the healing. Add your flower. Capture a photograph in front of this magnificent backdrop, imbued with profound meaning and beauty, which aptly symbolizes the unwavering strength of a united community.

As you add your flower alongside countless others, you will create an extraordinary heart—a symbolic representation of the profound healing that can be achieved through unity.

This symbol of Bikur Cholim Crown Heights is waiting for you to make the heart complete. 

“In essence, unity is the core of BCCH,” expressed a representative of the organization. “Because of everyone’s contribution- because of our devoted volunteers and donors, together we create the healing. We are all partners in this.” 

For the creative team at Mimulo, transforming this heart into an interactive creative space was an obvious choice. The heart was always intended to symbolize the collective efforts of numerous individuals coming together with the shared goal of helping others heal. Today, that awe-inspiring vision has been brought to life.

Will you add your flower? Will you be part of the BCCH Hakhel Heart of healing? 

This floral installation will grace its current location until Friday (weather permitting), serving as a timeless reminder of the immense power of community, as well as the upcoming BCCH breakfast.

To secure your seat and conveniently purchase raffle tickets and an admission ticket online, visit bikurcholimch.org/auction. 

Click here to see a video about the upcoming BCCH Breakfast

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