Five Teshuros Distributed at Rov’s Son’s Wedding

No less than five teshura mementos were distributed at the wedding of Zalman Braun and Chana Liba Khusid, including responsa authored by his father Harav Yosef Braun, an overview of his great-grandfathers connection to the Rebbe, and more. 

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No less than five teshura mementos were distributed at the wedding of Zalman Braun of Crown Heights, and Chana Liba Khusid of Detroit, Michigan.

Two of the teshuros were works authored by the chosson’s father, Harav Yosef Yeshaya Braun, mara d’asra of Crown Heights and member of the Badatz, and others were prepared by family members and friends of the chosson.

Ohev Hashem Sharei Tzion: The first teshura contained an overview of the connection between the chosson’s great-grandfather, Harav Shlomo Zalman Braun, with the Rebbe. Harav Shlomo Zalman, after whom the chosson is named, was a renowned rov and author of the ‘Sheorim Metzuyonim B’Halacha’ series.

Even after the booklet was printed, more information came to light, including a previously unpublished letter of the Rebbe, and the booklet was republished after the wedding in a second edition with the additions.

Click here to download ‘Ohev Hashem Shaarei Tzion.

B’asra D’rav – Hilchisa Limeshicha‘: Prepared by the Ask the Rav team, this 115-page booklet compiles responsa authored by Harav Braun to questions related to Moshiach and Geulah topics. It also included ‘hakhel gems’ divided according to times of the year.

Click here to download ‘B’asra D’rav – Hilchisa Limeshicha.

Kitzur Dinei Shikcha V’tayus‘: Compiled from the Day-to-Day guides published by Harav Braun, the kuntres contains charts detailing what to do if one made a mistake in davening, covering a wide range of tefillos and possible mistakes.

Click here to download ‘Kitzur Dinei Shikcha V’tayus.

Teshura: 100 pages of letters and ma’anos from the Rebbe, transcripts of yechidus, the Rebbe’s edits on a sicha and two articles, yomanim, and pictures of the Rebbe.

Click here to download ‘Teshura.

A fifth teshura, ‘Otzros Hatorah’, a sefer of the Rebbe sichos reworked into essays on topics in avodas Hashem arranged according to the parshios, was also distributed.

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