First Torah for Kol Nidrei in 770 Sells for $77,000

The annual mechiras hamitzvos in 770 was different this year in more ways than one, with the bidding beginning online before Shabbos Breishis and unusually high prices for some kibbudim

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The annual mechiras hamitzvos in 770 was different this year in more ways than one.

The main change came before Shabbos Breishis, when, for the first time, 770’s annual mechiras hamitzvos, began online, allowing the wider Chabad community to participate. Thousands of dollars of bids were submitted, and the bidding on Shabbos continued from where it left off.

A number of kibbudim were purchased at much higher amounts than in previous years, but there were some that ended up being sold for less, with the total for all the mitzvos equalling an eye-popping $546,700.

The highest-grossing mitzvah for this year was pesicha and the first Torah for Kol Nidrei of the upcoming Yom Kippur – 5785. It sold for $77,000, a number significantly higher than any kibbud sold in previous years. On the list of mitzvos released by the gabboim of 770, the buyer is marked as “Temimim M’geza Chassidei Chabad.” The gabboim told that this is referring to the Duchman family, which prides itself on its rich lineage, being one of the first families of Chabad chassidim. They also purchased a number of other kibbudim for Shemini Atzeres and Simchas Torah.

Second highest was Pesicha for Shabbosim of the entire year, purchased by a R’ Mendel B. for $53,000. Following it at $46,000 was Maftir Yonah, universally considered to be a segulah for great wealth, purchased by R’ Gideon Menachem and Sheli Gratsiani. It sold for $9,000 more than last year, and $6,000 more than 5782. Also above the $40,000 mark was hagba and gelila on Shabbos and Yom Tov for the entire year, purchased by the same two individuals for forty-one thousand dollars.

The honor of opening the Aron Kodesh on Shmini Atzeres for tefillas Geshem, which was the highest-grossing items for at least the past two years at $60,000 and $50,000 respectively, was purchased this year for “only” $36,000 by a group of people. Pesicha for Neilah on Yom Kippur of 5785 followed for $32,000 by R’ Michoel Elimelech.

Another first for this year was the auctioning of the zchus of the main farbrengens of the year, with the zchus of Yud Tes Kislev farbrengen sold for $15,000 to R’ Avrohom Kabatznik and the Yud Shevat farbrengen for the same price to R’ Netanel Azuloi.

The aliyos of Chazak for Chumash Breishis sold for $10,000, Shmos for $9,000, Vayikra $8,000, and Bamidbar for $7,000, and the aliya of Chosson Torah on Simchas Torah sold for $21,000.

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