First Time Ever: Labor Day Won’t Shut Schools

Corona Perk: With no official Labor Day parade on Monday, Chai Elul, Crown Heights children will spend the day learning Torah.

By reporter

Oholei Torah has announced that it will remain open this Monday, Labor Day, and all grades will have classes, possibly for the first time ever. With the public holiday coinciding with Chai Elul, Torah learning will continue as it should on the Yom Habohir.

During a regular year, major street closures in the Crown Heights area severely limit access to schools on Labor Day. Safety concerns, as well as issues of tznius, usually keep families at home.

This year, with no official Labor Day parade due to to COVID-19 and no street closures, Oholei Torah, along with all other schools in the neighborhood will remain open. Regular busing will be provided for students to and from school.

In a letter to parents, the Oholei Torah administration stated, “we have consulted with the Crown Heights leadership, who were in touch with the 71st precinct, 77th precinct and 1 Police Plaza. We have been reassured that having school open on Labor Day is safe.”

Schools will thus remain open and students will be able to continue their routine as normal.

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