First Ever: Outdoor Shul Welcomes Its Own New Torah

The Outdoor Sterling Street Minyan Tent received a brand new Torah on Sunday, dedicated by the Levy-Haim family in a beautiful and joyous ceremony.

R’ Yechezkel Halevy Levy-Haim of Crown Heights, together with his family, dedicated a Sefer Torah on Sunday to the new Outdoor Sterling Street Minyan Tent, in memory his parents, R’ Nissan Halevi & Inbar a”h.

After its final letters were completed, the Torah made its way through the main streets of Crown Heights, accompanied by a large and lively crowd, past 770 and onward to its new home on Sterling Street.

The Outdoor Sterling Street Minyan Tent is described as ‘the newest shul in town,’ located outside 433 Sterling Street (between Brooklyn & NY) and is an open and heated tent.


Daily Minyan Schedule for the upcoming week: 8:45 Shachris, 4:15 Mincha, 7:00 1st Maariv, 10pm 2nd Ma’ariv 

Shabbos Minyan Schedule: Kabbalos Shabbos bi’zmano, Shachris 10:30am, Mincha/Maariv bi’zmano.

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  1. TENT DESTROYED! Can you contribute to rebuilding?

    In an amazing turn of events, the storm that hit our neighborhood shortly following the amazing celebration knocked the minyan tent down!!

    The majority of it is BENT AND DESTROYED BEYOND REPAIR

    Organizers say their plan is to replace and rebuild as fast as possible, and that any CONTRIBUTIONS TOWARDS THE REPLACEMENT, large or small, will be TREMENDOUSLY appreciated!!

    Can CashAPP number at the end of the article: (347) 385-4912

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