First Day at Maimonides School in Albany

The Maimonides School in Albany, NY led by Rabbi Yisroel and Rochel Rubin and serves locals and Shluchim families in northern New York State, opened this year with its highest student enrollment in many years.

The Maimonides School in Albany NY opened this year with its highest student enrollment in many years thanks to a growing local community with new young families.

On the first day of school, students and families were greeted at the school entrance with a field-like photo prop made of ten bales of hay and lots of bright sunflowers, under a burlap banner of WELCOME! THE “FIELD” OF STUDY! a play on the words of the Alter Rebbe’s famous and beloved “King in the Field” Elul parable.

Students brainstormed all types of analogies and messages connecting farm fields to learning at school and their ideas will be published in the first weekly “MC” Newsletter of the year.

Rabbi Yisroel Rubin, regional head-shliach of the Rebbe since 1974, and founder of the school in 1980 was Baruch Hashem able to visit and attend for part of the first-day of school as he continues to recover and regain strength after suffering a stroke earlier this summer.

Parents were treated by the newly reorganized PTA to a spread of coffee, tea and cookies in the school’s outdoor classroom WOW Deck as their children headed indoors to begin a wonderful year of learning and growth!

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