First Copy of Upcoming Sefer Was a Touching Gift for Rabbi Gerlitzky

At his 75th birthday celebration, Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzky was presented with a special surprise: The first copy of his upcoming work – Yemos Hamoshiach B’halacha volume 3, specially printed and leather bound for the occasion.

By reporter

The 75th birthday of beloved Oholei Torah maggid shiur Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzky was marked on Sunday with a grand birthday bash and unique gifts.

One unique gift, that especially touched Rabbi Gerlitzky, was a leather-bound volume of his soon-to-be-published sefer Yemos Hamoshiach B’halacha volume 3, with gold lettering.

The gift was presented by Hatomim Shmuel Butler, was has recently taken charge of producing the third volume and having it published at the first opportunity. Shmuel prepared the special gift and had it custom bound with a beautiful cover, prompting the binder to say that the last time he prepared such a stunning binding was for Reb Shlomo of Bobov a”h.

The sefer is a compilation of Rabbi Gerlitzky’s essays on topics of Moshiach and Geulah. Ever since the Rebbe began encouraging the study of Inyonei Moshiach U’Geulah, Rabbi Gerlitzky began spearheading the study. Thousands of hao’oros on those topics were published in Hao’oros Ubiurim Oholei Torah, many of them authored by Rabbi Gerlitzky himself.

In 5765, Rabbi Gerlitzky published the first volume of Yemos Hamoshiach B’Halacha, a scholarly work that discusses and explores topics regarding Moshaich and the upcoming redemption. Many of the essays had been previously published in Ha’oros Ubiuirm, and others were written specifically for the sefer. A second volume was published 5771, and Torah scholars worldwide widely praised both.

In the years since the publication of the second volume, many eagerly awaited the publication of volume 3, but various delays caused the printing to be pushed off. Finally this week, Reb Avrohom was gifted a leather-bound copy of the third volume.

The sefer will be going to print in the coming days, and will be available in stores in the coming weeks.

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