First 9 Days Siyum is Major Milestone

The first radio siyum broadcast for this year was conducted by Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzky who completed Mesachta Bava Metzia, marking a major personal milestone.

In accordance with the Rebbe’s directive to arrange public siyumim during the days from Rosh Chodesh until 15 Menachem Av, NCFJE once again broadcast siyumim on the radio and internet each day.

The first siyum was made on Motzei Shabbos Rosh Chodesh Av, by Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzky, Rosh Yeshiva in Oholei Torah Zal, who reached a major personal milestone by conducting the siyum for the 40th time.

Rabbi Shimon Hecht of the NCFJE spoke of the importance of participating in a siyum during the 9 days and how it should be accompanied by an increase in tzedaka. Followed by Rabbi Gerlitzky who completed Gemara Bava Metzia, the mesachta learned this year in Chabad yeshivos worldwide.

For over 40 years, NCFJE has sponsored the learning of a Siyum over the radio, and recently the internet, to increase in Simcha during the 9 days. According to the Rebbe’s directive, in 1991 the learning was expanded to the 15th of Av.

Transmission over the radio – and today, the web – multiplies the joy a thousand-fold by allowing for the participation of those far beyond the confines of the particular building in which the siyum is held.

Siyumim will be held on each day from Rosh Chodesh until the 15th of Av. Click here to see the full schedule below.

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