Fire Leaves Crown Heights Family With Nothing

A fire broke out in a laundromat on Union Street in Crown Heights on Shabbos and spread to the apartment above, where a Lubavitcher family lives. The family managed to escape, but the fire left heavy damage.

A Crown Heights family of 5 has lost their home due to a fire. On Shabbos today at 1:00PM, a fire broke out from the laundromat on Union Street and spread to the apartment of Dovid Levertov which is right above.

Miraculously, the family was able to get out safely minutes before the apartment burnt to the ground.

The family was able to escape with the clothes on their back and almost all their possessions were destroyed. The apt is completely gutted from the fire. The furniture, clothing, kitchenware, appliances are completely gone both from fire and water damage. They are now living with relatives and have to find a new apartment purchasing everything from scratch.

Help them purchase everything they need to move into a new apartment and rebuild.

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