Fire Destroys Chabad House on Purim Night

After a fire broke out and completely destroyed the Chabad House in Noisy-Le-Grand, one of the first Chabad Houses to be set up in France, an appeal has been set up to help the shluchim rebuild.

Purim night after the Megillah reading, the Beis Chabad of Noisy-Le-Grand in France a fire broke out in the shul which entirely destroyed the building. All of the Sefarim, and two Sifrei Torah were damaged as well, one of which was donated by the Rebbe thirty-five years ago in 5748/1988.

Forty years ago, Dr. David Benchetrit, a young medical student got the revelation of his life when he met the Rebbe in Yechidus. Dr. Benchetrit went on to become a full-flung lubavticher and opened his own Chabad house and the first in France in the city of Noisy- Le- Grand, where all the Jews that lived there were assimilated.

Dr./Rabbi David Benchetrit created a Talmud Torah with his little sister Rebbetzin Atarah Guez a”h, who in turn devoted her house and life to the creation of the Beis Chabad of Romainville with the Rebbe’s Bracha for more than thirty years.

The Shaliach and his wife, Rebbetzin Delia worked endlessly in the establishment of their community and the construction of a Mikvah in their yard in 5748/1988, while facing many difficulties.

They sacrificed and devoted their lives to the Jewish community and brought countless lost Jews back to Teshuva with so much genuine love and dedication in completing the mission the Rebbe bequeathed the Shluchim of Noisy-Le-Crand

Today, the Beis Chabad of Noisy-le-Grand is left with nothing but ashes. An appeal for donations has been launched to the entire Jewish community to mobilize and financially help the rapid rebuilding of the heart of the Jewish community of Noisy-Le-Grand.

You can support the rebuilding of Franc’s first Chabad house here. and see a video of the damage, below.

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