Tailor-Made Resources Available for Chanukah

With COVID-19 still ravaging the globe, the illuminating message of Chanukah is waiting to be received by Jews of all ages and backgrounds.

There’s a palpable excitement building up to Chanukah this year. With everything going on across the globe, the illuminating message of Chanukah is waiting to explode like never before.

And Merkos 302 is here to light that match for the Shluchim world over! 

With a vast array of resources, ideas and tools, chanukah.merkos302.com is your one-stop destination for all your Chanukah events and Mivtzoyim needs.

By clicking on here you will find a selection of Persumei Nissa materials such as car magnets, flags, led Menorahs, LED gr8nes menorahs, and more.

Regardless of the age group you are working with, there is something special for everyone. Kids will love the CKids Chanukah toolkit, teens will be proud of their very own CTeen branded Menorah, and young professionals will appreciate the creative CYP package.

There is also a vast array of car Menorah parade resources to help bring the message of Chanukah to the streets and illuminate them with Yiddishkeit, including a sample press release for your car menorah parade, and designs for social media posts. 

Following the success and tremendous feedback we received following the ‘Just Joy It!’ Simchas Beis Hashoeiva program, Merkos 302 is working on a virtual community Chanukah celebration. The event will center around a positive and practical message to be taken from the Menorah and will be displayed through inspirational speakers and performers.

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