Fifth Installment of Maanos is Released

As the thousands of Shluchim from around the world come to unite together for the annual Kinus HaShluchim, another installment of the Rebbe’s answers and guidance had been released.

This new booklets contains a fascinating collection of over 350 documented answers of the Rebbe from the year 5748-1988. It is well known how important it was to the Rebbe to have the letters of our Rabbe’im published, especially in a chronological order. The Rebbe’s answers and opinions should be accessible for every Chossid. 

Though the Rebbe’s sichosma’amorim, letters and even diaries documenting the Rebbe’s schedule have been printed countless times in many different formats, these “Ma’anos” have unfortunately been given little or almost no attention, and to a certain extent remain largely unknown.

The Ma’anos have been collected by going through tens of Seforim, and Teshuros, and then by reaching out to many Shluchim and Askonim from around the world who were zoche to receive answers from the Rebbe in those years.

To date they have published 4 volumes, (as well as supplement of Maanos that have only been acquired later) from the years 5749-5752 and are now proud to present the fifth and latest installment – the Maanos of 5748. 

Included are the Rebbe’s answers on a wide range of subjects, sorted by date, with nearly 100 Maanos which have never before been released to the public. We owe our many thanks to the countless individuals who reached out to share their personal answers of the Rebbe with the public.

 The booklet was published in honor of and will be given out this Shabbos – the Kinus HaShluchim, Shabbos Mevorchim Rosh Chodesh Kislev. 

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Full sets will be available for purchase during the Kinus outside 770.

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