Feeling Lucky? You Could Win a Coin and a Bracha From the Rebbe

Donors to Shifra and Puah who won a coin from the Rebbe have merited amazing miracles in the realm of children and shidduchim. Read their stories and take part in it.

Throughout the years the Rebbe would often distribute coins to children for them to contribute to Tzedakah. These coins carry with them a special bracha as they were received from the holy hand of the Rebbe.  

There have been many stories that have been told to the organizers of Shifra and Puah of different miracles that occurred to individuals who generously contributed in support of new mothers, specifically to those who won the raffles of a coin from the Rebbe embedded in a silver becher or as a part of a beautiful diamond bracelet.

A recent story was shared by Mr. Avi Sharbani at Shifra and Puah’s fundraising dinner. He movingly recounted how he and his wife had been married for many years and had not been blessed with children. Last year he and his wife decided to contribute $770 towards Shifra and Puah Crown Heights and were ecstatic when they won the raffle for the becher embedded with the coin from the Rebbe. What they didn’t realize was that the reward for their generosity had only just begun as 9 months from the week that they received the becher his wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

Another beautiful story that was also shared at a dinner a few years back involves two sisters who partnered together to donate a significant sum of money to the organization. This contribution entered them into a raffle for a rare, $20 bill that was given to Mrs. Esther Korn who donated it to Shifra and Puah. To their surprise – they won! These two sisters had a third sister who, despite much effort, had not yet found her husband. In an effort to bring bracha to their sister’s search and mazal into her life, they gifted her with the $20 bill.

“I was nearly 30 years old when, after years of searching, I suddenly found the perfect shidduch!” she related from the stage. “My sisters, who were at the dinner, heard about the tremendous brachos that many who have supported Shifra and Puah have experienced. They spontaneously decided to donate a large sum after which it was announced that they had won this incredible prize. When they gifted me with the $20 bill I was certain that in the upcoming year, I would become a Kallah.”

“Indeed,” she continued, “that is exactly what happened! A short time later I got engaged and by the time the dinner came around the following year I had already received breakfast from Shifra and Puah after the birth of my firstborn son.”

As the years go on the stories have only multiplied concerning those who have seen incredible miracles surrounding the dollars and coins that were distributed by the Rebbe. Specifically in circumstances when individuals have contributed to organizations that support women during and after birth, many were blessed, “Midah Knegged Midah”, with brachos in the area of bearing and rearing children.

Waiting for your own miracle story?

Visit the website of Shifra and Puah and make a contribution and enter into raffles to win incredible and meaningful prizes.

The Rebbe never leaves a debt unpaid. He ensured that his shluchim, the dollars and coins that the Rebbe distributed for Tzedakah, would continue to bring bracha to those who receive them. Each one has its own unique journey that leads it to the hands of those who need it most to bring them their miracle and personal redemption.

There is no time like now to become an active partner in the important work of Shifra and Puah!


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