Fear No More: Social Media Igniting Jewish Pride This Chanukah

Shluchim worldwide invite thousands to share Menorah Selfies with Merkos 302’s #LightForIsrael initiative.

In recent times, with all the hateful rhetoric being shared, Jewish people worldwide have been logging onto social media with trepidation. But a new initiative—already spearheaded by hundreds of shluchim the world over—aims to turn that dark space into a place of light.

Using custom resources from OneMitzvah.org and Merkos 302’s Israel Response Desk, they’re inviting thousands of Jews of all backgrounds to share a selfie after lighting the menorah as a powerful statement of the Jewish people’s enduring spirit.

The simplicity of the act—lighting a menorah, taking a selfie, and sharing it with a hashtag (#LightForIsrael)—belies its profound impact. With most of the world’s eyes glued to social media platforms, these images are reminiscent of the power a public menorah lighting carries.

With the heartbreaking events still unfolding in Israel, Jewish individuals of all backgrounds are seeking to reconnect with their heritage and participate openly in Jewish traditions like never before in recent memory. #LightForIsrael gives them a concrete way to celebrate their Jewish identity loudly and proudly. 

The initiative marks the fiftieth year since the Rebbe launched the worldwide Chanukah campaign. “Social media is today’s public sphere,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice-Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch. “The Rebbe called on us to bring Chanukah’s light into homes, public spaces, and wherever Jews are found. Social media is the Chanukah campaign’s new frontier.” 

With antisemitism and hate on the rise online, this campaign offers a powerful response. #LightForIsrael is already empowering thousands worldwide to transform social media into a space of solidarity and light. It’s a virtual yet very real assertion that, despite adversity, the Jewish people’s light will forever shine. 
To access #LightForIsrael’ social media pack or to join this initiative, visit https://www.specialprojects.merkos302.com/lightforisrael

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