FCC Bans Robocall Telemarketing with AI Voices

In an effort to curb scams, the FCC has introduced a regulation banning robocalls that use artificial intelligence to mimic human voices without explicit consent from the recipient.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has introduced a regulation banning robocalls that use artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic human voices, AP reported. This measure is aimed at combating the surge of unsolicited and fraudulent calls targeting individuals. The use of AI in these calls has escalated the issue by making scams more believable and widespread.

Under this new policy, making any prerecorded or AI-simulated voice calls for marketing purposes without explicit consent from the recipient is now illegal. This applies to all forms of communication, including calls to both landlines and mobile phones, text messages, and voicemails.

The FCC’s action represents a significant advancement in protecting consumer privacy and ensuring the reliability of communication services. It addresses the growing concern over the misuse of AI technology in telemarketing and fraud, offering a layer of security for consumers against deceptive practices.

Violators of this regulation face potential penalties, including fines and legal action, underscoring the FCC’s commitment to strict enforcement. Moreover, the FCC plans to collaborate with telecom companies and technology developers to enhance call-blocking technologies, further shielding consumers from unwanted contacts.

This initiative has been met with approval from consumer advocacy groups, who view it as a vital step in defending the public from increasingly sophisticated scam operations. The regulation not only aims to deter misuse of AI in robocalls but also sets a precedent for future measures against the abuse of emerging technologies.

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