Fathers Travel 12 Hours for Uplifting Shabbos in Postville

This past Shabbos, Yeshivas Beis Sholom in Postville, Iowa, hosted the fathers of the bochurim learning there, with many of them traveling for as many as twelve hours to get there.

By Mendel Myer-Smith

Last Shabbos Yeshivas Beis Sholom in Postville Iowa hosted the fathers of the Bachurim learning there. With many of them traveling for as many as twelve hours to get there, they were greeted with a special shiur by Rabbi Gavriel Levin, Mashpia in the Yeshiva, followed by a farbrengen going well into the night.

The next morning they joined the bachurim for a very exciting seder chassidus, with a shiur given by maggid shiur Rabbi Mendy Karp. During Iyun, the whole yeshiva enjoyed a shiur by R’ Zalman Nelson, LCSW, about the connection between psychology and Tanya. After shabbos came in everyone sat together for an uplifting seder niggunim, led by Menachem Nelson, followed by Maariv and Seudas by various families in the community.

Shabbos Day started with a shiur by maggid shiur Rabbi Karp. The Aliyos were auctioned off by Dovid Kraisman, but instead of money, Hachlatos Tovos was the currency used. Many bachurim took on hachlatos in learning, davening, and middos tovos. Following shacharis, everyone sat together for a delicious Seudas Shabbos, prepared by the yeshiva’s chef, R’ Adir Goldenberg, which quickly turned into a warm farbrengen. Every father got up and shared a dvar Torah, a story, or a vort Chassidus. After Mincha the fathers joined Rabbi Eli Ben-Shimon world famous Shabbos Farbrengens.

On Motzei Shabbos, everyone gathered in a local hall for Melave Malka arranged by Sholom Forester and Leibel Kremer, which was addressed by maggid shiur Rabbi Ceitlin. Elya Kenner shared a story of the Baal Shem Tov. Rabbi Chay Amar, Shliach to Golden Beach, FL, spoke about the importance of learning the Rebbe’s Torah.

Sunday morning Rabbi Dovid Kenner gave a shiur on Perek Chelek in Sanhedrin, which captivated the entire crowd. Many fathers went on a tour of the famous AgriStar shlachthoiz, to see firsthand the interesting process of shechita.

Overall, the event was a resounding success, with the fathers enjoying a weekend of learning, inspiration, and camaraderie. The yeshiva’s hospitality and dedication to spreading Torah and Chassidus were truly impressive.

Special Thanks to all of the Hanholah, Shneur Rusanov, Yossi Zaltzman, and all of the families that hosted people for shabbos.

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