Fathers and Sons Enjoy Shabbos Together at Suffield Yeshiva

Talmidim, Roshei Yeshiva, Mashpeim, Fathers, Grandfathers, and relatives came together on Shabbos Parshas Tetzave for a weekend filled with Torah and Avoda at the Yeshiva Mesivta of Suffield Connecticut.

Yeshiva Mesivta of Suffield Connecticut was alive with Simcha and Chayus this past Shabbos, Parshas Tetzaveh, as the Talmidim, Roshei Yeshiva, Mashpeim, Fathers, Grandfathers and relatives came together for a weekend filled with Torah and Avoda infused with Simcha and Chayus Pnimi.

From Thursday night’s lively Farbrengen to Sunday’s profound learning sessions, every moment was an opportunity for growth and connection within the yeshiva Environment, the guests included fathers, grandfathers and other relatives of the Talmidim and Hanhala. 

The weekend kicked off with the Purim Katan Farbrengen on Thursday evening, where the Talmidim gathered together in the Big Zal focusing on Simcha and Avodah Pnimius “Zeh Hakatan Gadol Yihyeh”. Joined by the Hanhala and guest Shluchim, the Farbrengen set a tone of simcha, inspiration and Avodah Pnimis that carried throughout the weekend.

Friday morning began with an early start, as Talmidim, their fathers and guests gathered for Seder Chassidus. Following the heartfelt Davening, a lavish breakfast awaited, setting the stage for a captivating in-depth Parsha Shiur B’iyun, delivered by the Rosh Mesivta Rabbi Menachem Fogelman. 

Following the Shiur, fathers, sons, and guests then embarked on Mivtzoim, spreading acts of goodness, kindness and inspiration while wrapping Teffilin and handing out shabbos candles throughout the Greater Hartford and Springfield areas, many new Yidden were found including a few Karkaftas. 

Upon returning to Yeshiva preparations for Shabbos intensified. The Mikvah was bustling as students and their guests as they purified themselves in preparation for Shabbos Kodesh. The air was filled with the aromas of freshly baked Kugel and delicious Shabbos foods, and the guests got to taste from these Shabbos Kugels, cholent and schnitzel from the Yeshiva kitchen prepared by our master Chef Danny Arroyo.

Friday night was a celebration of spirit and unity as the yeshiva and guests came together for Mincha followed by Limud Sichos b’Chavrusa Fathers and Sons, warm and uplifting Seder Negunim and Maariv. The Negunim were filled with emotions and inspiration that lifted the soul, followed by Kiddush and a joyous, meaningful and a sumptuous Seudas Shabbos. Throughout the meal, Niggunim and Divrei Torah filled the air, Divrei Torah by Talmidim, Hanhala and guests sharing insights and inspirations. Throughout the Shabbos Meal everyone took the opportunity to join and take part in the Shalom Zachor at the Fogelman Family Home. 

Shabbos morning began with a special Seder Chassidus, where students delved into the Maamar Veatah Tetzaveh. The day continued with Shachris, Krias Hatorah, Musaf and a spirited Kiddush, leading into a Farbrengen that lasted well into the afternoon, followed by Mincha Seder Sichos Nigunum and Maariv.

After Havdalah, the celebration continued with a relaxing “Father and Son” swim and physical activities, utilizing the pool, gym, game rooms and other campus facilities, embracing the concept of Brias HaGuf. The evening culminated in a lively Melava Malka, featuring live music by talented students and uplifting Divrei Torah and Hisoirerus emphasizing the mission and values of Tomchei Temimim and life lessons.

Sunday morning brought a renewed focus on Limud Hatorah as Talmidim and their guests gathered for Chassidus and Shachris. A hearty breakfast fueled minds and bodies for the day ahead. The Seder Iyun captivated minds, starting with Chavrusa learning, and then a shiur Iyun allowing for deep discussions of “Rischa D’Oraisa” revealing new insights into the Sugya. 

The weekend came to a close after Mincha on Sunday, with a session dedicated to PTA where fathers met with Hanhala discussing various matters to improve the involvement and growth of their sons, fostering connections between the yeshiva and parents. As parents and guests bid farewell to the most uplifting Shabbos, there was “Tzeida Laderech” awaiting as they carried with them the Simcha, Hisoirerus, Shiurim and Avodah Pnimis, the Ahavas Achim they had strengthened, and the inspiration to the Lessons and Mission of Tomchei Temimim back home strengthening in their connection to Hashem.

A father noted:

“Was beautiful b’gashmius u’bruchnius! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to spend time together and experiencing together with my son and see how he is doing.”

Another father says:

“The weekend was above and beyond on every level. The bochurim look happy and fulfilled b’gashmius and b’ruchnius. The efforts and resources being poured into the Yeshiva are very impressive and appreciated.  May the Aibishter bless everyone that is involved across the board with Hatzlacha and bracha b’tov ha’nireh v’hanigleh.”

Another father states:

“ב”ה שלום וברכה! ממנו יראו ויעשו רבים! ילכו מחיל אל חיל! תזכו לגדל תמימם ההולכים לאור החסידות וגורמים נחת רוח רב לכ”ק אדמו”ר שליט”א. בכבוד וברכה.”

One mother says:

“Hi, Thank you for a wonderful Shabbos!

According to my husband it was amazing, from the shiurim, learning chassidus and nigleh, to beautiful meals, Great accommodations. He literally only had nice things to say.

He also said it is nice to see our son in his place and he can see for himself that B”H our son is in his element and is excelling and growing. As a parent, I cannot thank you enough.”

Another mother says:

“They had the best experience. Extremely impressed and we are so lucky to send our son to this yeshiva. Yashar koach! Much success AMEN!”

For more information about sending your son to this Great yeshiva for information and registration see: www.yeshivacampus.com

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