‘Father-N-Son’ Adar Experience at Ohr Menachem

Photos: Avraimka Eisenstein

Cheder Ohr Menachem in Crown Heights hosted a grand ‘Avos Ubanim Melave Malka’ for parents and staff of the Yeshiva featuring a performance by the 5th-grade students and raffle prizes.

Photos: Avraimka Eisenstein

Cheder Ohr Menachem of Crown Heights hosted a special evening of Avos U’Bonim learning on Motzei Shabbos Parshas Terumah.

Fathers and sons learned together with a booklet created especially for this event. The booklets were adapted for each class’s grade level and uniquely suited to their learning level. The evening also offered special refreshments and drinks.

The event was held at Ulam Chana Hall in Crown Heights, under the direction of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Yusewitz, organized by Rabbi Avraham Reinitz and the 7th-grade teacher Rabbi Chanoch Hecht.

During the event, there were special performances and a video produced for this event featuring the 5th-grade students. Additionally, they apportioned the 12 perakim of Tanya which will be learned as part of the mivtza of Tanya baal peh. The fourth grade also accepted upon themselves to learn perek zayin as their share in the mivtza.

Rabbi Hecht announced the continuation of mivtza mishnayos baal peh, which has been going strong for the last few years in which the boys will be tested on over 1,000 Mishnayos and over the year will have learned over 3,000 Mishnayos by heart.

The evening ended with additional raffle prizes and a speech by Menahel Rabbi Yosef Oberlander. The students, teachers, and fathers then broke out into joyous dancing in honor of the month of Adar.

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