Father Join Sons for Shabbos at Arizona Mesivta

40 fathers from across the country joined their sons for an uplifting and inspiring Shabbos at the Mesivta Lubavitch of Arizona with mivtzoim, shiurim, seudos Shabbos, and farbrengens.

Shabbos Parshas Ki Sisa will be remembered as a historic Shabbos at the Mesivta Lubavitch of Arizona.

Just two years ago, the nascent Yeshiva hosted its inaugural father and sons Shabbos where 15 fathers joined the 20 Bochruim of its inaugural Shiur. This year, 40 fathers joined the 63 bochurim of the three Shiurim, plus the Talmidei Hashluchim and Elterer Bochurim, for an incredibly uplifting and inspiring Shabbos “Ki Sisa Es Rosh”.

The Arizona winter, famous for its beautiful, pleasant and abundantly sunny days, was enhanced even more by this gathering of the Bochruim and their fathers.

Opening the formalities the Menahel of the Mesivta, Rabbi Abba Naparstek, welcomed the fathers and sons with Divrei chizuk and bracha. Following his remarks, Rabbi Naparstek called upon Rabbi Yehuda Frankel, Magid Shiur of Shiur Gimmel, to give a special Shiur at the beautiful new Zal of the Yeshiva, followed by a delicious brunch.

Following the morning sessions, the fathers spread out to the greater Phoenix area for an afternoon of Mivtzoim with their sons.

As Shabbos came in, the inspiring scene of fathers learning together with their sons, the Rebbe’s Torah, was a special sight to behold. This was followed by a Dvar Torah, given over confidently by Hatomim Shneor Libman (NY) of Shiur Beis.

After a spirited Kabolas Shabbos, the fathers and sons took their seats for the Shabbos seudah at the local Chabad House, which had been specially set-up for the occasion to handle the extra guests, under the direction of overall coordinators of the Shabbos Hoirim, led by the Menahel Gashmi, Rabbi Sruli Friedman, ably assisted by Hatomim Levi Moscowitz (IL) and Zalman Jaworowski (IL).

Rabbi Yossi Levertov, dean and founder of the Yeshiva, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Hanhala, faculty & staff, for their incredible dedication and care for every Bochur. He noted the warmth and Ahavas Yisroel amongst the bochurim that makes our Yeshiva so special.

During the course of the seudah, which was led by Chaver Hahanholo Rabbi Sholom Lew, Divrei Torah and Hisorerus and stories were shared by representative fathers of every Shiur.

At the conclusion of the formal Seudah, Rabbi Levi Altein Mashpia of Shiur Beis, led a farbrengen with the Bochrim and fathers.

Shabbos morning, after Davening, the fathers and sons joined together for a Shabbos seudah at the Yeshiva led by Rabbi Mendy Thaler, Magid Shiur of Shiur Alef, followed by a Farbrengen led by Rabbi Levi Altein with participation of various shluchim and Mashpiim, Rabbi Yosef Raichik (FL), and Rabbi Yossi Friedman (AZ), until Mincha.

Following Mincha and a special Seder Hanigunim led by Rabbi Avrohom Levin (NJ), a Maamor was Chazered by Hatomim Moshe Politiko (AZ) followed by Maariv.

Motzoei Shabbos featured a special Melave Malkah seudah that took place in the yeshivah’s beautiful new Zal.

Emceeing the Melaveh Malkah was Hashliach Matti Weingarten (MI).

Representing the pioneer Bochurim who have been with the Yeshiva since its inception, Hatomim Ari Light (NY), gave over a Sicha of the Rebbe, and wove in some memories of the early days of the Yeshiva and how much it has grown since those early days.

The highlight of the melave malkah was the sharing of personal Zichronos of the Rebbe by a representation of fathers at the Yeshiva –  with an eye to transforming these Zichronos into something tangible today – shared by Rabbi Dovid Mockin (Rochester, NY),  Rabbi Yossi Friedman (AL) and Rabbi Leib Blotner (AZ).

Following Birchas Hamazon, many of the fathers and Bochurim stayed to Farbreng with Mashpia of Shiur Beis, Rabbi Levi Altein, and Magid Shiur Chassidus, Rabbi Levi Majesky, as well as, Rabbi’s Friedman, (AL) Lew and Raichik (FL).

The incredible effect of this shabbos was felt by the bochurim and fathers alike.

Rabbi Ezzy Schusterman (CA) shared that “to see my son and the others in such a chassidishe, loving environment, was so special. The Hanhala care deeply about each of the boys and it shows”.

Echoing that sentiment, Rabbi Mordy Rudolph (PA) shared that It was a beautiful Shabbos, in a beautiful setting, and we are so grateful for everything the hanhala does to make it that way.

The Yeshiva is currently accepting applicants for its fourth year – limited scholarships are available.

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